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Our journey began in the late 50’s/early 60’s when Vic Firth, a musician himself, was not satisfied with the variety of sticks and mallets he could find in the market. As the Principal Timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, he started crafting his own sticks and mallets in his garage, meticulously poring over specs and details until he made exactly what he needed for his own feel and quality of sound. Sometimes he would whittle the sticks by hand, other times he enlisted the help of a woodturner. As word of his implements spread through his students and other percussionists, calls for orders from music stores started coming in. Vic’s idea that each drummer should be able to find their own perfect pair, and not simply settle for what's out there, is at the core of our brand. Our catalog now includes over 200 varieties of sticks and mallets that range in length, taper, tip, and material.. all designed to help you find a match for your own feel and your quality of sound.

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